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Complete Body Scan with Cardiac Review

The Complete Body Scan with Cardiac Review is a total screening package, combining an overall health review with complex body scans using both MRI and CT modalities. Our screening doctor will review your medical history and discuss any issues or symptoms you may be concerned about.

The screen will assess your risk of Cardiac Coronary Artery disease, Lung disease,  Cancers of the Colon, Lungs, Prostate for men and Gynecological Cancers for women, plus screen for diseases of the Liver, Kidney and Thyroid.

  • Health Essential GP check up
  • Full Blood Tests
  • ECG
  • MRI Scan Head + Neck
  • CT Scan Heart and Lung
  • Ultrasound Scan of the Abdomen and Pelvis

Cost £3,095

Blood tests include: Full blood count, Fasting lipid profile, Fasting Glucose profile, Glycosylated Haemoglobin, Urea and Creatinine, Liver Function Test, HDL Cholesterol, Thyroid Hormone profile, Vitamin D and Iron . Plus either a PSA for males  or a CA 125 for females.

This will be followed by an MRI scan of the head and neck. This will check for brain tumours or abnormalities as well as an assessment of the sinuses and orbits, it will review any narrowing or obstructions in the arteries of the neck and detect any aneurysms inside the brain blood vessels.

A CT scan will also be part of this assessment, the CT scan will focus on the heart and lung. The heart and lung scan will look at the Carotid arteries leading from the heart, it will look for calcium deposits which can be a potential warning sign for future heart attacks. A CT scan is an advanced form of X Ray, it takes several hundred low radiation X Ray pictures and builds them up to a 3D visual computer model of the targeted area of the body. You may also have an abdominal ultrasound to help your doctor identify problems with your Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen or Kidneys.

A pelvic ultrasound can help your doctor identify problems in your Lower Abdominal and Pelvic organs, such as your Bladder, Ovaries or Uterus.

Health Screening is much more than a standard set of scans, Harley Street Screening offers evidence based individualised preventative medicine.

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