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A new cure for over active Bladders

The Bladder Service at 9 Harley Street now offers a fantastic new treatment for over active Bladders called PTNS.

This clinic is run by our highly experienced Urologist consultant Mr Keng Jin Ng every Monday. The treatment targets the tibial nerve in the ankle and modifies the nerve impulses sent to the bladder which contribute to the development of urgency. A small acupuncture needle is inserted into the ankle near the Tibial nerve and is then connected to a stimulator device. For more information on the treatment and to be seen by a specialist, click here.

Over-active bladder is a prevalent and challenging urological problem affecting 12% – 18% of the adult population. For adults over the age of fifty this increases to 25% – 30% of the population. OAB is a problem with bladder storage function that causes an often sudden and frequent urge to urinate. Often people can find it can be difficult to stop, and over-active bladder may mean incontinence.

Having problems with Over-active Bladder can leave you feeling embarrassed, isolated and can limit not only you working life but also your social and family life. Luckily there is a simple evaluation process that can determine what the specific cause for your over-active bladder symptoms may be.

At 9 Harley Street we offer diagnosis, management and treatment of over-active bladder. We have a multi-disciplinary team who are able to tailor a unique service to you and your needs.