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Afirma Thyroid Test

Our thyroid is easy to forget but really important to good health. This butterfly-shaped gland at the front of your neck releases powerful hormones that help regulate your metabolism.

The Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis  allows you to get the full clinical story about your thyroid nodule. More complete information helps to avoid unnecessary surgeries, cost and anxiety.

How does it work? 

Step 1: FNA Biopsy

Your physician will collect thyroid nodule cells with a very thin needle (FNA biopsy) for both cytopathology assessment and possible genomic evaluation.

Step 2: Cytopathology

Your thyroid nodule cells are then examined cells under a microscope. If the result is benign or malignant, Afirma testing is complete. In some instances, the cytopathology results are not clearly benign or malignant. This is called an indeterminate result

Step 3: Genomic Testing

If your cytopathology result is indeterminate, Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis will then evaluate the genes in your thyroid nodule cells.


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