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It is estimated that over 60% of men suffer from this common condition known as Gynaecomastia or Man Boobs. Fatty deposits can build up in the chest area, sag and then create the appearance of male breasts. Men report that they feel embarrassed by this condition which no diet or exercise can resolve. Male breasts are embarrassing and often can affect quality of life, making wearing tight or fitted clothes difficult.

A gynaecomastia procedure (male breast reduction) can effectively reshape the area by reducing the size of the male breast creating a more proportionate and masculine appearance.

The Weymouth Street Hospital offers:

  • Some of the most experienced London based consultant surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing teams
  • Excellent care in our central London Hospital
  • State of the art facilities in a discreet and tranquil environment
  • The reassurance of care in a general surgical hospital
  • Fully inclusive and competitive packages with no hidden extras

Our team are amongst the most experienced that Harley Street has to offer. Unlike the commercial clinic chains we offer our services directly to you so there are no sales people involved, just medical professionals dedicated to your care and wellbeing.

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At Weymouth Street Hospital you will never see a sales person and you will meet your surgeon at your first consultation. This ensures that you will only be ever given expert advice from the moment you walk in the door. Our specialist cosmetic nurse will speak to you prior to your consultation and ensure you see the right surgeon for you.

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