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Memory Clinic

The Memory and Brain Health Clinic here at 25 Harley Street provides early detection and diagnosis of memory problems, implementing personalised prevention and treatment plans with a patient centred holistic approach to care. Our management strategy is based on the best and latest clinical evidence.

The memory package includes an in-depth consultation and cognitive examination by our  specialist consultant with expertise in this field Dr Soumit Singhai and a set of investigations designed to identify the different  possible causes of memory difficulties. The Consultant will explain  the findings of all the tests once your assessment has been completed and discuss an individualised management plan.

Our specialist Dr Singhai has extensive  experience, knowledge and  skills  in the diagnosis and management of the various causes of memory problems ranging from Mild Cognitive Impairment  to the common causes of Dementia such as Alzheimers’s Dementia, Vascular Dementia and Lewy Body Dementia.

Lewy Body Dementia is the third most common cause of  dementia affecting approximately 1 in 5 people with dementia and yet is commonly not diagnosed as the majority of memory clinics both in the NHS and private memory  clinics  which are usually  led by psychiatrists who are usually  not sufficiently  experienced in the diagnosis and management of Lewy Body Dementia.

Dr Singhai also has extensive experience in the management of the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms related to Dementia (BPSD).

Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD)  include agitation, depression, apathy, repetitive questioning, psychosis, aggression, sleep problems, wandering, and a variety of inappropriate behaviors. One or more of these symptoms will affect nearly all people with dementia over the course of their illness and  usually are  quite distressing for the affected individual  and their families  often leading to loss of independence for the affected person and increased care needs.

These “BPSD” symptoms require careful skilled and diligent assessment  and are amenable to various forms of  treatment to improve quality of life for the patient and their families.

Many patients with cognitive problems often  de compensate because of underlying medical problems which can be can only be identified and treated by a specialist who has experience in both cognitive disorders and general medicine experience  which  other specialists such as psychiatrists do not have.

We also  have access to the latest cutting edge technology in this field using the latest imaging modalities  such as FDG Pet scans and SPECT scans which are not widely available  as well as latest software platforms  for computerised cognitive assessments when indicated.​

We can also advise about  evidence based preventative strategies to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Dementia as well as slowing  its progression including  advice about the Bredesen protocol which  is a dietary  and lifestyle programme.

We are now offering video and telephone consultations!



Current Validated Feedback and Compliments

  • Many thanks for your help and medical attention rendered to mum over her sickness. My family is eternally indebted and grateful for Dr Singhai's quick actions and professional assistance in getting mum access urgent medical attention.

  • Dr Singhai has been very helpful, responsive and a calming and reassuring adviser.

  • Our experience of Dr Singhai was that he was a very competent Doctor who understood the needs of his patients extremely well. He was thorough, careful and caring and considered the patients needs very well. He was the only Doctor we saw who seemed to fully understand the illnesses that my husband had and considered my husband always with dignity and compassion. I cannot thank him enough for the way in which he treated my husband.

  • Dr Singhai has been looking after my parents who both have dementia for a few years and he has helped with the correct medication to make them able to live their lives as best as possible. He has spent many an hour with them both making sure he understands their needs and is always a phone call away and also helping to get them into a hospital when needed. We have as a family come to rely on him and his judgement and really appreciate all he does.

  • Dr Singhai is being so supportive to us both and is my lifeline at this present time.

  • Thank you so very much for all you assistance and support to both my husband and I over the time we have been in contact. I have consolation that Dr Singhai made my husband's last few weeks more bearable with treating him with such compassion.

  • Please thank Dr Singhai for his patience with dad.

  • Excellent clinician

  • Dr Singhai is incredibly supportive and caring to his patients and team. He has great relations with colleagues making referrals/obtaining advice from others much easier. He is regularly involved in audit work to improve medical practice.

  • Dr Singhai is an outstanding medical practitioner with offering support to patients and the team.

  • Dr Singhai puts safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people as the utmost priority.

  • Dr Singhai is keen to fully understand a patient's case and changes treatment in accordance. He will learn patients names and ensure rapport is built very early on. He always maintains confidentiality and is always available.

  • Dr Singhai is a kind and caring doctor and treats his patients and their families with respect.

  • Thanks again for all the first class medical care - the family really appreciate it.

  • Dr Singhai was very patient with my mum, who at times didn't want to continue in the same room as him. Dr Singhai persevered and showed compassion to mum's needs whilst observing her physical changes, mobility and movements in her hands etc. Dr Singhai looked at mum's emotional wellbeing as well and an increased doze of anti-depressant helped mum to calm in most situations.

    Overall I have been pleased with the service given by Dr Singhai including additional support and would have no hesitation in recommending him in the future.

  • Dr. Singhai has been treating my wife  since her leaving Lister hospital in October 2018. At this time her condition was very poorly suffering from delirium and her ongoing Parkinsons /Dementia. Dr. Singhai as a first course of action reviewed all her existing medications and effectively started a new course of treatment, with regular reviews  to note progress. The result has been quite extraordinary with progress in all areas, ie Improved mobility and cognition and sleep pattern. We are therefore as a family extremely grateful for his treatment of my wife (which is ongoing) and would highly recommend his services. Regards B R (Husband)

  • I wanted to thank you immensely for all your help and support in looking after my mother recently. I found the service via yourself, your secretary and the hospital very efficient.

    I felt you were listening to me and took on board everything I said. You took the time to examine my mother thoroughly and  reach a diagnosis. The investigations were arranged quite promptly and a close follow up plan was recommended. You very kindly explained the medications and side effects in detail and hence I was more prepared to deal with them.

    There were occasions when I needed your advice on the phone and I am amazed how promptly you responded to that.

    I was desperate for medical advice and support at that time and you were very kind, thorough and efficient in providing that service for my mother. You made sure your patients were kept well informed and offered medical care even when you were caught due to unavoidable circumstances. I feel you have been an amazing Dr and I am  very grateful to you for all the care you have provided to my mother, while supporting me as her carer at the same time.

    Unfortunately she took a  turn for the worse and is still in hospital. I have not received the same support as yourself and have found the attitude  quite dismissive by other medical professionals. I wish everyone could offer the same level of care and professionalism as you did.


  • My husband has been a patient of Dr Singhai since April 2019 and has had exceptional care. After some assessments he was diagnosed with dementia with Lewy Bodies and prescribed medication.

    Dr Singhai always has time for his patients and includes them in all the conversations even though it is difficult for dementia patients to engage fully in conversation. He also is happy for family members to attend the clinics enabling support and involving them within the consultation.

    We are very lucky and grateful for everything he has done and also to his PA’s ensuring we get our appointments or contacting Dr Singhai if we have a problem, nothing is too much trouble for any of them!

    I have no doubt that my husband has the right consultant for his illness and feel very grateful we found him!

  • Would definitely recommend.

  • Excellent care all round.

  • Very pleasant doctor.

  • I would be very happy if all doctors were as pleasant as Dr Soumit Singhai.

  • Very impressed and felt less worried having seen this doctor.

  • Dr Singhai always has time for his patients and includes them in all the conversations even though it is difficult for dementia patients to engage fully in conversation. He also is happy for family members to attend the clinics enabling support and involving them within the consultation.

  • I take this unusual step of writing to you in order to thankyou  for the huge success of the care and patience that you have given my Mum since you first met her...

    ...your success  in controlling Mum's challenges has been immense and you have also made sure that Mums retains many interests and her dignity in the twilight of her life. For that I shall be forever grateful to you.

  • Absolutely first class care and medical attention! This consultant deserves a medal for his care and concern!

  • I have found my appointments with Dr Singhai very helpful and informative with regard to the treatment for my condition.

  • Knowledgeable about condition. Kind and understanding. Have faith in him.

  • Interested, kind and knowledgeable. Very happy with the treatment I am given.

  • Very good.

  • A pleasure to be seen by this very pleasant doctor.

  • He is a good doctor. He listens and remembers what you have told him previously. He seems genuinely concerned.


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