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Pre-Employment and Visa X-Rays now available at 9 Harley Street

Here at 9 Harley Street, we now offer:

  • Pre-Employment X-rays
  • Visa X-rays

Pre-employment X-ray

Chest X-rays help detect lung abnormalities, which are either pre-existing or have developed during the worker’s employment. Pre-employment chest X-rays are a useful tool in understanding the lung health of job candidates and independently recording a benchmark prior to hire.

Visa X-ray

Routine chest X-rays are frequently requested by embassies to rule out infections, the most common is active tuberculosis. What documents patients need to provide for these X-rays varies from one country to the next.

Some embassies provide chest X-ray forms directly from their medical department. If this is the case, there is no need for an additional referral from a clinician. However, other embassies do not provide anything. Instead you will need to get a referral form from your clinician.

Please then send this to: or call 0207 079 2102 for more information.