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Phoenix Hospital Group is proud to host a Dermatological Centre of Excellence. With many options for medical skin care available, our specialist dermatologist team leads the way in advanced management and treatment.

Our Dermatology service is led by a team of experienced consultants who cover the whole breadth of this complex speciality. Whether for medical, surgical, or cosmetic care, our consultants provide expert guidance on the best treatments for your specific needs. Our London dermatologists use their extensive experience and clinical knowledge to optimise your bespoke care. We understand the distressing nature of skin conditions and work to simultaneously minimise symptoms and improve your quality of life.

All our consultant dermatologists are experts in their specific fields and all cover common conditions such as eczema, moles, and acne up to complex conditions such as facial cancers, scar revisions and more.


Treatments we offer

Our Consultants see patients for all dermatological conditions including issues such as:

• Acne

• Eczema

• Undiagnosed skin rashes

• Skin infections such as fungus or viral warts

• Nail disorders

• Hair disorders

• Abnormal pigmentation

• Patients with suspected allergy (including those requiring patch tests)

At our clinic the following services are provided:

° Mole mapping (with or without photography)

° Cryotherapy

° Dermoscopy

° Patch testing referrals for allergies

° Blood tests for allergies or systemic conditions

° Mycological examination

° Biopsy, Excision

° Histological reporting

°  Immunofluorescence

° Gene analysis for patients with suspected skin lymphoma

° Cosmetic treatments


Why choose us?

  • A Consultant led service, from experts in their field, providing the highest level of care.

  • Same day diagnostic imaging and screening service.

  • A dedicated and experienced team, able to cater for individual needs.

  • State of the art facilities at the forefront of modern healthcare.

We can offer minor treatments on the same day as your consultation, as well as a prompt diagnosis.


Make an enquiry

You or your referring clinician can book an appointment with us using one of three simple methods:

Call us on 020 7079 2100  

Email us on [email protected]

Complete our secure online booking form

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We will send a confirmation once your consultation is booked. If you would like to rearrange your appointment please do give us at least 24 hours notice.

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