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Ear, Nose and Throat

At our ‘One Stop ENT Clinic’ we offer expert consultations. If necessary, advanced diagnostic tests and minor procedures can be arranged in-house at the same visit.

Our team are all experts in their field, dedicated to providing high quality care for the treatment of disorders related to ear, nose and throat.



Treatments we offer

We offer some of the UK’s foremost Consultants, with specialist doctor and surgeon led care. We are proud to be one of the most advanced ENT diagnostic and treatment centres in the country.

Should a surgical procedure be required there is a direct link to our surgical facilities, based at nearby Weymouth Street Hospital, where we also offer Sleep Studies to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.


ENT Minor Procedures

Ear Micro-Suction
Micro-Suction is used to remove excess ear wax build up in the ear canal. Ear wax is a natural part of the ear’s defence and its natural flow is intended to remove dirt, foreign bodies and other debris out of the ear canal. However, if it becomes impacted it can cause itching, hearing loss and pain.

Softening the wax with olive oil and ear irrigation can sometimes be used but if the wax is particularly impacted then micro-suction is the preferred option.
A microscope is used to look into the ear and a suction device is used to gently remove earwax from the ear canal.

The procedure can be undertaken as an outpatient with no need for anaesthetic. It is a simple and quick procedure which is safe and offers little discomfort for the patient.

Grommet Insertion (for adults)
Grommets are used for the treatment of ‘glue ear’ and recurrent ear problems in the middle ear. A grommet is a very small tube that is inserted into the ear to help drain fluid. A small incision is made and the fluid is removed using a microscope. The grommet is then inserted leaving the patient free of further earache.
It is a simple procedure that takes 10-15 minutes in an out-patient setting. Grommets are a temporary treatment and are extruded by the ear after around six months.

Nasal Cautery
Nasal Cautery, is a technique undertaken in an outpatient setting to stop a major nosebleed. A Consultant will establish the cause of the nosebleed and if the source of bleeding can be accurately identified then the blood vessel will be cauterised to stop the bleed.
For this procedure a small amount of local anaesthetic may be used.

ENT Endoscopy

Flexible Laryngoscopy
A flexible laryngoscopy is a minor procedure to look at the voice box and back of the nose and throat. The procedure takes around ten minutes and is usually done with a small level of local anaesthetic. The laryngoscope is inserted through the nose and into the back of the throat. A camera relays images from the inside of the throat to a screen.

It is primarily used as a means of finding causes of voice problems, swallowing problems and pain in the throat and ear. It can be used to access injuries to the throat and lumps, swellings or blockages of the airway.

Nasal and Sinus Endoscopy
This endoscopy can take place within the outpatient clinic and allows the Consultant a full and a detailed look into the patients sinus cavities and nasal passages. It it often the most effective way for a specialist to make an initial evaluation of the patients problems. Particularly to diagnose nasal polyps, obstructions, tumours and stuffiness as well as sinusitis.

A temporary local anaesthetic is used with a decongestant to allow the scope an easy passages through the nasal cavity, it is a painless procedure although there can be a little discomfort if the area is swollen or blocked.

FEES- Flexible Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing
We have a state-of-the-art Xion high resolution end-chip camera flexible fibre optic system. Both voice production (laryngostroboscopy) and swallowing (flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing- ‘FEES’) can be studied with this system.

FEES is a diagnostic procedure which enables the Consultant to look into the nose and throat with a thin flexible endoscope and visualise the larynx (voice box), while making a video recording which can be played back and reviewed later. This study allows for assessment of the anatomy as well as direct observation of swallowing function and control of the movement of secretions, liquids and food. Flexible endoscopy may also be utilized as a therapeutic aid and biofeedback tool during the conduct of swallowing therapy.


We have on site audiometry facilities and are able to undertake hearing tests in a sound proof environment on-site at the time of consultation. Our audiometrician is able to tailor make swim-moulds and musicians’ ear plugs. We also supply hearing aids.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our outpatient centres have fully equipped diagnostic and imaging suites offering a full range of services including CT, MRI, Ultrasound Scans and X-Ray. This allows us to offer in-house, same day scans to ENT patients to support our Consultants and Specialists. A wide range of the country’s leading Radiologists work alongside our dedicated Radiology team.
For more information go to our Diagnostic Imaging pages here.

Surgical Services

At our Surgical site at Weymouth Street Hospital we offer treatment for a wide range of  Ear, Nose and Throat conditions. Weymouth Street Hospital is a boutique facility situated just a few minutes walk from Harley Street. For more information on the services we offer click here to be taken to the Weymouth Street Hospital website.


Why choose us?

  • A Consultant led service, from experts in their field, providing the highest level of care.

  • Same day diagnostic imaging and screening service.

  • A dedicated and experienced team, able to cater for individual needs.

  • State of the art facilities at the forefront of modern healthcare.

We can offer minor treatments on the same day as your consultation, as well as a prompt diagnosis.


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