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Dr Houda Ounnas

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Dr Houda Ounnas


General Practitioner and Functional Medicine Physician

Speciality: General Practice

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Professional Profile

Dr Ounnas was a child prodigy who won an international scholarship to study at a British university. She qualified from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, in England in 2007 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She was a quartile one student throughout medical school. Upon qualifying as a doctor, she won herself a place at the very competitive academic foundation program at the Wessex Deanery, where she developed clinical, research & teaching skills. Her research in Head and Neck surgery has earnt her nominations for prizes at the Royal college of surgeons of England and at the EAONO-European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology in 2008. In 2010, she published research at the British Journal of Oral and maxillofacial surgery. She entered GP Training and qualified with MRCGP, UK in 2013.

In parallel with her clinical work, Dr Ounnas also has an impressive non clinical portfolio to make an impact on the health of the wider community. She was the clinical lead for Westminster’s CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) 3 year project “Right Choice first time” a large scale project to improve patient access to health services in Central London. She has also obtained recognition by Health Education England as a GP trainer and now trains junior doctors on the GP training pathway with LCW (London Central and West). She led a project for the United Nations WSIS initiative on Global Mental Health in 2002. She is a regular commentator on the British and international media and has been featured in publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Metro, Stylist and Red. She has spoken at prestigious international medical conferences in Dubai, Tokyo, Mallorca and Sydney. She believes in contributing to the wider community, leveraging her skills to benefit the maximum number of people in the UK and worldwide.

She has since led a successful GP career providing services to some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK, Nuffield Health, HCA, LDC, Discovery (TV channel), Nomura, Allen and Overy and Reed Smith, the Telegraph as well as of course the NHS in urgent care, home visiting and mainstream General Practice, in and out of hours.

In 2014, she started training in Aesthetics, she has since trained with the London School of Facial Aesthetics 2014, Harvard Medical School 2015, FACE (European standard, Cannes, France) 2016 and MEIDAM, Dubai 2018. She has picked up aesthetic and beauty secrets from around the world.

In 2016 she became a fellow of the Royal society of Public health of England. In 2017, she obtained her diploma in Occupational Medicine and relocated briefly to Australia where she obtained fellowship to the Royal Australian college of General practice and gained Australian experience in Sydneys’ affluent Eastern suburbs and Northern beaches.

Committed to health optimisation, disease prevention and lifestyle medicine, she trained further in Functional Medicine to be able to help her patients get to the root cause of their problems and make lifestyle changes that help them achieve optimum health. She can help you with issues related to gut health, overcoming fatigue, weight management, immunity and hormones.

In 2019, Dr Ounnas completed psychotherapy training in the Schema Therapy modality. That means she can help you overcome issues of depression, anxiety, stress or interpersonal relationship problems.

She has completed numerous other short courses over the years, including brief interventions for people with addictions, Complex emotional trauma with the Blue knot foundation, Sydney, Minor surgery and minor illnesses in London, to list a few!

Dr Ounnas loves her job and approaches it as an amalgamation of science and art. Coming from an academic background, she is very skilled at analysing the latest evidence-based medicine. She attends a GP update course every year as well as adds to her repertoire of skills continuously. On the other hand, she also approaches general practice as an art, that she spent years perfecting as a craft. You will notice she is very skilful in simplifying complex issues and sorting out undifferentiated, confusing and complex medical presentations.

Her interests are health promotion, disease prevention, improving quality of life, leveraging health to achieving happiness and helping healthy people getting healthier physically and emotionally. This is the area she specialises in and she dedicated most of her training to, fine tuning medical skills, not only to treat disease but to optimise physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She takes a 360 degree approach to health. With a root cause analysis and a focus on complete and integrated health, she assists her patients in optimising their health and adding vitality and happiness to their years, not just years to their lives. After all, energy and happiness are the true currencies of wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease. With this holistic approach in mind, she has carefully chosen her sub-specialities in fields that improve quality of life in adults of working age. She practises medicine that makes people feel better physically and mentally, look better, work better and lead healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

At a personal level, Dr Ounnas perceives life as a beautiful balance of adventures and tranquillity. At times of tranquillity, she is an arts and beauty enthusiast who enjoys nature, reading, chess and creative writing. She is a vivacious, warm, friendly and positive individual who finds beauty in everything. She enjoys playing tennis and leading a fit & healthy lifestyle. At times of adventures, she enjoys cultural events, participating sports and travelling and learning about different cultures. She would have probably visited your country and knows something about your culture, and if not would be curious to learn! She is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

Her biggest passion though has to be horses, whether it’s riding them or attending equestrian events. She supports the British Horse Society and would encourage anyone to check out their amazing projects. Her personal favourite is “Changing Lives through Horses” which aims to help thousands of young people with mental health challenges, develop six key life skills through equestrian activity: Communication, Confidence, Relationships, Teamwork, Responsibility, Personal Achievement.

Specialises In

-Functional Medicine: Fatigue, Hormones, Immunity, Weight management, Gut health

-Bespoke Health Screenings

-Mental Health and Schema Therapy

-Women’s Health

-Aesthetic Medicine

-Occupational and Executive Health

Professional Memberships

Royal College of General Practitioners

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

MDU Medical Defence Union

GMC General Medical Council

IDF Independent Doctors Federation

MEA Medical Equestrian Association

IFM Institute of Functional Medicine just underneath Royal College of General Partitioners

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0207 079 2102

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